Tick Drag/Flag for Property Owners


  • Tick drags are the most common tool that researchers use to monitor for ticks
  • Bullseye Tick supplies have designed a tick drag exclusively for property owners
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Features and Benefits

  • Same materials and design as the scientific standard unit but 25% smaller, making it more manageable for residential properties and less costly to ship than the scientific standard unit
  •  Monitoring your yard for these blood sucking bugs is easy and one way to reduce risk and protect your family and pets
  • Each unit comes with easy to follow instructions and a helpful video is provided below “Monitoring Your Property for Ticks”
  • No need to have expertise in tick identification just take a photo of any ticks collected
  • Search online for a university or public health agency that that provides free tick identification based on photo submissions
  • Submit your tick photo from your smart phone or computer and wait to see if ticks that transmit diseases to humans or pets have been located on your property.
  • The identification results will determine if remedial measures are needed to protect your family and pets such as:
    • the need for landscape modifications
    • chemical treatments on your property
    • the need to increase personal protection measures
  • Your photo submission will also assist researchers gain further information on tick distribution, activity periods and the presence of invasive tick species