Scientific Standard Tick Drag and Flag


The scientific tick drag is the most widely-used surveillance tool for sampling ticks and assists in determining:

  • geographical and habitat distributions
  • relative population densities
  • presence and distribution of tick-borne pathogens
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  • The Bullseye designed unit meets the scientific standard design recommended by USA Armed Forces Pest Management Board and Public Health Ontario
  • Each unit is supplied with a 1-meter square cloth which ensures active surveillance is being conducted uniformly by all collectors
  • Patented clamps make changing the drag cloth fabric quick and easy in the field​
  • Clamps also permit the conversion from a drag unit to a flag unit in seconds
  • No need for staple guns, duct tape or other adhesives in the field
  • Two in one unit makes tick surveillance more efficient and reduces costs
  • Pre-assembled and field ready
  • The video below “Scientific Tick Drag” explains the advantages associated with the unit designed by Bullseye Tick Supplies