Bullseye Tick Supplies and Consulting Inc. is company focusing on tick surveillance and tick-borne disease prevention

Currently, the range of many tick species are expanding due to climate change and human alteration of the natural environment. Therefore, there is an increasing need for improved tick surveillance tools. Our product line includes:

  • tick drags / tick flags
  • tick drag cloths
  • tick collection vials
  • carbon dioxide traps 

We supply field researchers, public health units, university entomology departments, conservation authorities, Lyme advocacy groups and property owners.

We also provide training sessions on Integrated Tick Management for golf courses and school boards and tick safety for outdoor workers.


The products and training sessions have been developed by Paul Proctor. 

Paul is a certified public health inspector and licensed pest control operator with undergraduate degree from York University. He has been involved in public health inspection and pest control for over 34 years. From 2002- 2015, Paul was the supervisor of the Vector-Borne Disease program for one of largest health departments in Canada.

Paul has spoken on vector-borne diseases at many venues including a number of Ontario Vector Control Association conferences and Laboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems symposiums. In 2012, Paul was selected to present to a delegation of over 30 visiting scientists from the Sichuan Provincial Health Department in China.

Paul has contributed several scientific journal articles and has co-authored an article published in Environmental and Ecological Statistics (Volume 21, Issue 4, December 2014)In addition, Paul co-authored a chapter in the textbook Analyzing and Modeling Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Infectious Diseases published by Wiley.

Paul has been a collaborator on several of York University’s Laboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems  projects. In addition, he has been a collaborator on two Canadian Institutes of Health Research projects: “The Cost-Effectiveness of West Nile Virus Intervention Strategies- A Computer Simulation Model” and the Modeling and Forecasting: Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit Development for West Nile virus and Lyme disease for Public Health. Paul also coordinated a vector borne disease prevention project at the 2015 Pan – Am games equestrian site.


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